At Good Earth we endeavor to eliminate single use packaging wherever possible, and our grab-n-go re-heatable soups are an area where we have achieved this! From chicken noodle to tomato basil, we have your soup cravings covered – all packaged in glass mason jars with non-adhesive paper labels. When you buy one of our soups, you’ll be charged a $1.50 deposit for the jar. You can bring the clean jar back for a $1.50 refund, or keep the jar and re-use it in one of these ways.

1. Pantry Storage

The storage options with mason jars are endless, but our favorite is bulk goods. Mason jars make the perfect vessel to eliminate the mess of single-use bags filled with unlabelled beans and flours that can take over your pantry space. We especially love using jars for pantry storage because you can bring the same containers in to the store and fill them up in our bulk department. This eliminates single-use packaging and allows you to purchase your item directly in the jar in which you will store it!

2. Mason Jar Salad

The key to success when building a mason jar salad is the order of your layers: wet items, or items that can hold up in wet conditions, go at the bottom and items you want to keep dry until you mix the salad go at the top. Start with your dressing and crisp veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers. Then things like corn, beans or shredded chicken, followed by fragile items like grains, cheese or hard-boiled eggs, and to top it all off: lettuce or greens and any crunchy items.

3. Veggies & Dip Snack Pack

For a no muss, no fuss way to bring a healthy snack to work, or to school, start by putting a few tablespoons of dip in the bottom of a shorter mason jar. Then slice veggies or apples into sticks and place them vertically into the jar, with one end submerged in the dip. We love hummus with carrots or almond butter with apples.

4. Make-at-Home To-go Beverages

One tried and true use for a mason jar is to take your smoothie, iced coffee, green juice, or any other beverage with you. Take advantage of the watertight lid to throw it in your bag, or use a lid adapter to incorporate a straw, or sip top.

5. Keep Herbs Fresh

Mason jars are a great way to keep herbs like parsley, cilantro, tarragon, mint or dill fresh. Use a large mason jar that is tall enough to fit the entire length of the bunch of herbs, with the lid on. Trim the herbs stems: cut off enough to ensure they will fit completely. Put an inch of water in the bottom of your mason jar and insert your herbs, stem first, making sure the bottom of the stems are in the water, like a bouquet of flowers. Screw on the lid and place the jar in the refrigerator. Herbs should stay fresh this way for around 3 weeks.

How to Deodorize your Jar

Before you re-use your mason jar, make sure there are no lingering odors. To do this put about 1 tsp baking soda in your jar with 1/4 cup of water and shake vigorously. Repeat if needed, and if the smell is really stubborn, fill the jar with baking soda water, screw the lid on tightly and place it upside down in your sink overnight. You can also try soaking the lids by themselves since this is the most common area for smells to get lodged.