Our Solar Power System Is Live!

When Good Earth opened our new larger Fairfax store in February 2012, solar panels atop our building supplied the energy to heat our hot water. Since then, we have leased the rooftops of the Fairfax Plaza across the street from us to complete our large photovoltaic system.

Closeup of Good Earth's new solar panels

Our 852 panel array covers 40,000 square feet of rooftop, comprising the 6th largest solar system in Marin County and supplying about 35% of our electricity.

The total size of our system is 201.5 kW AC (238.6 kW DC) with two KACO 100 watt inverters buried within our parking lot. The total expected annual output is 346,273kWh. Our solar project was partly funded by a federal grant.

Good Earth worked with local San Rafael-based Cooperative Community Energy to manage the project, and with Sun First! Solar also located in San Rafael for installation. Installation began in January 2013, and as of April 100% of the solar energy captured is being delivered back to Good Earth, with the remainder coming from Marin Clean Energyʼs Deep Green Renewable Energy Program.
Good Earth Partners Al Baylacq and Mark Squire With New Solar Installation

“At Good Earth, respect for the Earth is what we are all about, so we go out of our way to reduce our footprint whenever possible. We are thrilled to be able to take such a big step toward sustainability with this solar project.” – Mark Squire, Partner

“We just built a very energy efficient grocery store, as grocery stores go. But the reality is full service grocery stores are huge energy suckers and we did what we could by building a 200+kW PV system. So along with being a customer of Marin Clean Energy’s Deep Green program, we and our incredibly supportive community, can feel good about supporting a truly green business for a long time. We are also grateful for our continued partnership with our Fairfax Plaza landlords for partnering with us in the use of the expansive rooftops across the street.” – Al Baylacq, Partner

By choosing 100% renewable energy, Good Earth is reducing our annual greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 500,000 pounds of CO2 per year. Thatʼs equivalent to saving over 25,000 gallons of gasoline – three tanker trucks worth – every year. Or equal to planting nearly 6,000 tree seedlings annually, and letting them grow for a decade. Also equal to preventing the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 45 passenger cars.

Story Of Good Earth's Energy Use


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