Sourcing responsibly raised meat is incredibly important to us.

As part of our quality standards, we favor small, local producers whenever possible, and refuse to sell meat raised with antibiotics or added hormones. While organic is Good Earth’s fundamental quality standard, in our Meat department, price points and availability of organic products have created historic challenges.

In some categories of our meat department, like poultry and beef, organic options are now widely available. Unfortunately, when it comes to lamb, cultural practices have not yet evolved to offer commercially available organic sources largely because organic approved deworming agents have not proved effective for sheep. Because organic lamb is not widely available, our current priority is sourcing 100% grass-fed.

For five generations, the Anderson Family of Brownsville, Oregon has been raising lamb.

Located in the Willamette Valley, one of the most productive grass growing regions of the United States, Anderson Ranch averages nearly 40 inches of rain per year. Regular rainfall ensures that the Anderson Family’s pastures remain lush and green year round. This abundance of grass is critical, as it allows the Andersons to raise 100% grass-fed lamb on one ranch, minimizing transport and reducing stress for the animals.

The Andersons never confine their animals or feed them grain. Instead, they prefer to let them roam the open pastures, grazing and expressing their natural behaviors. Not only does this create a stress-free natural environment, but it also improves the sustainability of the land by reducing weeds and noxious plants. Reed Anderson understands the importance of careful land management and rotates the sheep to new pastures to make sure the land is never over or under grazed.

Anderson Ranches is a Certified Humane company, and they’ve gone to great lengths to minimize stress for their animals.

In 2013, they built a state-of-the-art processing plant designed in accordance with Temple Grandin’s standards for humane handling. We’re proud to offer Anderson Ranches lamb in both of our stores.