When it comes to skin care, our health and beauty buyers are always on the lookout for products with the cleanest active ingredients.

This focus on natural products for face and body has provided us a unique assortment of skincare brands to choose from, and this year we’ve seen a surge in Ayurveda based options.

We’re excited to offer a number of Ayurvedic brands in our Wellness Department including Oakland based Blue Beautifly, Paavani out of Grass Valley, OmCali from Earthbody Spa in San Francisco, and our newest addition, Shankara from the northern Texas spa of the same name. All of these brands embrace Mother Nature’s gifts and formulate their products using rich oils, potent herbal extracts and mineral rich clays and salts.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of healing that aims to bring balance back to the body and emphasizes self-care as a major tenant.

A visit to an Ayurvedic day spa includes finding your dosha, or type. There are three doshas: Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Each is governed by a different set of elements and represents a unique set of mind-body characteristics. The Vata dosha is linked to air and water and is typically associated with dry and delicate skin. Kapha is ruled by water and earth, and linked to skin that is moist, plump and slightly oily. Pitta skin is prone to sensitivity and redness. Pitta is governed by fire and water.

We all have a main dosha that we maintain a balance of, and the condition of our skin can reveal a lot about where our dosha is, or is heading. Our skin also responds to the seasons, and with the dry winds and heat of summer, skin can take on too many Vata characteristics: rough, flaky and dull looking. With the arrival of Spring, skin can turn towards Kapha, showing signs of congestion and oiliness.

Each of our new Ayurvedic brands offers a cleanser and serum specially formulated for each dosha/skin type. If you’re interested in discovering your dosha, Paavani offers a skin dosha quiz on their website.

The dedication to quality ingredients found in Ayurvedic based skincare brands can’t be beat.

All of these brands contain organic ingredients and rely on a heavy mix of plant based extracts to reverse signs of aging and irritation, while building and maintaining the delicate collagen content of our skin. It’s refreshing to see brands embracing the holistic skin care practices of past generations, and we’re excited to work with personal care companies that understand that the products we put on our skin should be just as clean as the food we put in our bodies.