The Kings River originates above 13,000 ft. elevation in the High Sierras. From there, it flows through glacial canyons on its way down to the San Joaquin Valley where it meanders along a modest escarpment a few dozen feet below Blossom Bluff Orchard, which is located just outside Parlier, CA. In operation for four generations, Blossom Bluff is an organic farm that grows more than 120 varieties of tree fruit, including stone fruit, persimmons, pomegranates, and citrus on just under 80 acres. The fruit is hand harvested at peak maturity and carefully packed into their distinctive, graphic boxes. Any fruit that remains after initial harvest gets picked and sun-dried onsite. They also offer farms tours which are especially amazing during the spring, when the trees are in bloom and the breeze wafts up from the river below. In the beige desert of industrial, chemically based corporate farming that dominates California’s central valley, Blossom Bluff Orchards is a biodiverse, green oasis that is teeming with life.

Stone fruits, along with almonds, are in the Rose family and are often paired with almonds in dessert dishes. Look for full color, heavy fruit that gives off a fragrant aroma. Peaches and nectarines will continue to soften and grow sweeter after harvest and should be stored on the countertop out of direct sun. The early season varieties of peaches and nectarines are clingstone, which means that the fruit adheres to the pit. By mid-summer we will have a variety of freestone peaches, allowing for easier use in cooking and processing as the pit freely drops away.

Stone fruit offers many nutritional benefits. They are high in fiber, beta-carotene and a rich bevy of minerals, including high levels of potassium.

Some of our favorite varieties:

Yellow Peaches

• Princess Time

• Zee Fire

• O’Henry

• Fairtime

• Regina

White Peaches

• Spring Snow

• White Lady

• Summer Sweet

White Nectarines

• Arctic Snow

• Viking Pearl

• Carine


• Honey Punch

• Black Kat

• Flavor Grenade

• Dapple Dandy


• Elephant Heart

• Fortune Catalina

• Santa Rosa

Yellow Nectarines

• September Bright

• Crimson Baby

• Summer Grand