Bill Canihan Jr. founded the Canihan Family Cellars in 2006 on the organic farm his father had purchased 25 years prior. Bill Jr.’s grandfather, August, worked on vineyards in Switzerland in his youth. It was August’s love of winemaking that first inspired the family to purchase farmland and his focus on Old World, minimal intervention winemaking techniques which form the core of the Canihan Family Cellar’s winemaking philosophy today.

The Canihan vineyards are located in Sonoma, on the border of the Sonoma Coast and Carneros Appellations. The warm days and cool, breezy nights provide the perfect growing conditions for the Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay grapes they have planted.

Canihan Family Cellars upholds organic vineyard management practices.

They ferment their wines with naturally occurring yeast, utilize cane pruning techniques, and do not fine or filter their wines. They also practice dry farming and hand harvest their grapes, only when they have reached complete ripeness. These careful farming techniques result in flavorful wines, expressive of the region. When you utilize dry farming methods vines get their water from natural rainfall. This lack of irrigation encourages the roots to dig deeper in search of water, often up to 30 feet underground. Deeper roots interact with more microorganisms in the soil. They have access to more nutrients, support healthier vines and, in turn, create richer, more complex wines.