Just a stone’s throw from the Sonoma County border, Coast Range Seed is nestled in a fertile valley in northern Marin.

Owner Eric George is ambitiously undertaking the needed task of growing crops to produce seeds that local, organic farms will use for their future crops.

Much of the produce grown at Coast Range Seed Farm are OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) pledged varieties. OSSI is an ethical plant breeding program that decentralizes plant breeding and seed production by guaranteeing that the seeds cannot be locked away from use by intellectual property rights. While focusing on growing certified organic crops for seed, Coast Range also grows vegetable crops for market. With a rigorous, keen eye toward soil fertility & minerality, CRS endeavors to push the limits of nutrition available in their produce.

Keep an eye out for their following seasonal offerings:

Siber Frill Kale – A blue-tinged, fractalized variety that is tender, mild-flavored and works well cooked or raw. This variety will surely become a local favorite!

Magma Mustard – With a crenelated edge this purple to green variety is sweet and spicy.

Candystick Dessert Delicata – A winter squash that boasts an addictively rich, date-like flavor and tasty edible skin. A Good Earth produce staff choice pick.

Peppermint Swiss Chard – This variety has beautiful striations of fuchsia, magenta, and white along its stem that contrast with dark, rich, savoyed green tops.