Where does your grain come from? When was it harvested? How was it milled?

We like to know where our food comes from, and grain should be no exception. That’s why Good Earth is excited to offer Community Grains to our community.

Several years ago, a restaurant owner by the name of Bob Klein began his search for California grown wheat for his restaurant’s handmade pasta. In his search, he came across several other bakers, chefs, and farmers that were interested in building a local grain movement in the Bay Area. It was this culinary shift in thinking that led to the creation of Community Grains.

Community Grains offers flours, pastas, and polenta that are all made from 100% whole grain. This means that the germ, bran, and endosperm are all milled together into rich, flavorful flour. With their innovative milling process, they are able to retain all of the oils, proteins, fiber and minerals often lost in conventional milling. The result is an aromatic flour with an extraordinary depth of flavor and nourishment. This flour can be used to make polenta and pastas that are as wholesome as they are mouth-watering.

Ranging from Hard White Spring Wheat to Red Fife, the heirloom grains selected by Community Grains farmers are unique.

Every single variety is chosen to suit the terrain, the seasons, and their relation to the farm, to the table, and to the earth.

After all, each grain is unique in its taste, its texture, and much more. While “Hard White Winter Wheat” may be ideal for making cookies, “Hard Red Spring Wheat” is perfect for bread, with it’s inviting scent and honey-like flavor.

What makes this company truly revolutionary is that anyone can trace back the origins of any bag of flour or pasta sold through Community Grains.

23 Points of IdentityThrough their website, you can learn more about the characteristics of the flour, which farm it was grown on, when it was milled, and so much more. The transparency and the standard they’ve set for the industry is beautifully illustrated through what they call, “23 Points of Identity.”

Look for Community Grains Pasta in our Grocery Department today!