Located in Mexico’s fertile Epalme Valley, Covilli Organics has a nearly 30 year legacy of growing healthful, organic produce to benefit customers, community, and environment. Covilli was founded by Terry Poiriez, Susan Solis, and Ernesto Moreno in the early 90s, and from the outset, the Covilli team has had a clear vision for their farm: take no shortcuts, and do things right the first time in every facet of the operation. Covilli Organics has grown food free from harmful chemical inputs and genetic modification from day one.

The farm utilizes organic practices to keep their acreage thriving. Covilli has a very intricate, long-standing compost and soil building program, in which they make all of their own compost. No outside compost is purchased or brought in. The compost is used to fertilize the crops and to create soil for the nursery, where only organic seed is used, and where almost every plant grown on the farm gets its start.

Covilli, which comprises 2,000 acres, is farmed under intensive crop rotation programs, with about 1,200 acres in active production at any given time. The rest of the total acreage is left fallow, and some are used for pest and erosion control by encouraging natural habitats.

Covilli OrganicsThe team at Covilli has always prioritized fair and equitable business practices, and in 2015, they earned their Fair Trade certification. Now, in addition to being certified organic, all of their products are also certified Fair Trade. As part of their Fair Trade certification, farmworkers earn an additional amount of money, called a premium. These funds are earmarked for critical community projects, decided upon by the workers. To date, Covilli has earned more than $500,000 in this additional income.

Because Covilli is located in a rural part of Mexico, access to quality healthcare was identified as a top need in the community. In November of 2018, Covilli was able to use Fair Trade premium funds to open the Nuchi Sansekan Heath Clinic, which will provide primary and specialized medical care to farm workers and their families. In addition to the medical center, Covilli has invested Fair Trade premium funds into a new dining facility to provide more nutritious meals to their staff, as well as a medical transportation unit.

Covilli’s dedication to socially and environmentally responsible business practices embodies everything we look for in a supply partner. We’re proud to carry a number of organic produce offerings from Covilli including zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, and peppers.