Every year, millions of pounds of dental floss end up in our landfills.

All that plastic takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of years to decompose. This leaves us (and the rest of the planet) with a heavy price to pay for our health. Luckily, there’s another way!

Dental Lace is biodegradable; made from 100% Mulberry Silk, the highest quality silk found on our planet. Mulberry silk is produced naturally by the larvae of the Bombyx mori moth. Once the larvae consume enough food from the mulberry tree, they begin to weave their cocoons. After the cocooning process is complete, the cocoon is unraveled, revealing the silk fibers that can be cleaned and turned into Dental Lace.

Even the packaging is environmentally-friendly! The reusable containers are made of glass, with a removable stainless steel top and the floss refills come wrapped in a bag that is created from the lactic acid found in plants. This means even these little “plastic” bags are compostable. Keeping the products safe are boxes made from 100% post-consumer fiber, printed with plant-based inks.

Dental Lace is just one more way that we can keep ourselves (and our planet) happy and healthy!