Picking the perfect wine to accompany your holiday meal can be a challenge, and our Wine Buyer is here to help. Check out his top picks for holiday wines and pairing suggestions.

Handley Cellars Blanc de Blanc 2015 (Domestic)

With 100% chardonnay from the estate, this wine is light and crisp with minimal dosage to manage the bright acidity. Features hints of citrus and tropical fruit on the palette. Ready to Perfect with lighter fair.

Christines Toquade SB 2019 (Domestic)                                           

Features guava and grapefruit on the nose. Initially crisp on the palette with roundness developing as tropical notes carry the long finish. Perfect with Seafood and Asian dishes.

Preston Petit Sirah 2017 (Domestic)

Classic Dry Creek Valley with big, ripe red and black Biodynamic fruit. Smooth and balanced with hints of cocoa. Pairs well with rich, roasted foods.

Yamakiri Pinot Noir 2018 (Domestic)

Beautiful Biodynamic fruit with aromas of dried cherries, blueberries, and tea leaves. Features mushrooms and cocoa on the palette, with a bit of leather on the long finish. Versatile wine that pairs well with most holiday offerings.

Robert Sinskey POV 2014 (Domestic)

One of our favorites, this classic Bordeaux blend is full of plum, black and red berries. Perfectly packaged with oak, vanilla, tobacco and earthy notes. Pair with heartier dishes, like roasted meats.

Cooper Mt OV Chard 2018 (Domestic)

Old Biodynamic vines deliver a clean mineral nose with tart, yet rich apple, meyer lemon and pineapple on the palette. Well balanced with a long finish. Perfect with holiday poultry.

Serge Faust Champagne (Imported)

Featuring pinot munier with small amounts of chardonnay and pinot noir, this wine is full and rich with a dry finish. The creamy texture highlights the mature fruit with hints of yeast and nuttiness. Serve with appetizers.

Dominique Cornin Macon 2016 (Imported)

Deliciously refreshing with notes of white flowers and citrus on the nose. Green apple, delicate stone fruit, and citrus dance on the palette. Crisp to start with a round, satisfying finish. Perfect with white meats.

Le Rocher des Violettes Cot 2018 (Imported)

100% Malbec from the Loire valley, this wine is layered with blackberry and plum, punctuated with herbaceous notes. Violets accent the silky finish. Perfect with lightly cooked holiday fare.

Chateau Moulin La Grangere St Emillion 2017 (Imported)

Featuring 100% Merlot, this wine is elegantly smooth with floral notes and ripe blackberry. Serve with your heartier dishes, such as roasts and stews.

Manincor Reserve della Contessa (Imported)

With 60% Pinot Blanco, 30% Chardonnay, and 10% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine features beautiful northern Italian fruit with notes of apple, apricots, and herbs. Perfect with appetizers and lighter fair.

Avignonsesi Vino Nobile de Montepulciano (Imported)

100% Sangiovese with vibrant notes of cherry, pomegranate, spices, and herbs. This wine is big on the palette with balanced tannins and a long finish. Pairs well with Italian (or not) dishes of roasted meats, sauces and vegetables.

Umathum St Laurent (Imported)

Made from 100% St Laurent, this elegant wine is fresh with appealing tartness. The balanced medium body and smooth tannins make it easy to drink or pair with a wide range of dishes.

Quinta do Tedo Finest Reserve (Imported)

After 5 years in neutral french oak, this wine features notes of dried fruit, orange zest, cherries, raspberries, and tobacco leaves. On the palette it is full bodied, soft and carries a long finish. Perfect to pair with rich desserts.