When doing your holiday shopping, it is most gratifying to give gifts that help more than just the people you are giving them to and this list is full of them!


The company name, Shupaca, is a portmanteau of the founders last name, Schuster, and their chosen material, Alpaca. Husband and wife team, Andrew & Lori, work directly with artisans in Ecuador to create fashionable, contemporary scarves, shawls, blankets, hats, and gloves from Alpaca. These items are all hand woven on wood looms, using the historical methods that the artisans and their ancestors have been practicing for decades.

Petit Collage

Founded by Lorena Siminovich, and based locally in San Francisco, Petit Collage combines modern design sensibilities with sustainable materials to create beautiful and functional children’s toys and products. Their bright color palettes are created using soy-based inks, and they avoid plastic, using recycled cardboard or wood instead to create items that consider both the health of children and that of Mother Earth.


These whimsical yet elegant porcelain mugs from Kinto, a Japanese company, combine the simplicity of a matte finish exterior with the charm of the adorable animal motifs. The stamped silhouette of a woodland creature extends through to the handle of the mug, which is in the shape of its tail. They also make great tealight holders!

Sunbeam Candles

David Gould started Sunbeam Candles to create a business that was focused on the well being of its employees, its customers, and the world. To that end, Sunbeam is run entirely on solar and wind power. Their candles are made from soy or beeswax, both of which are harvested in the USA.


These pottery hearts are crafted by Jeremy Diller in San Diego and are glazed with a copper glaze, which experiences a color change when the pottery is submerged in sand and wood shavings after firing. This change is due to the abrupt shift in temperature and creates a unique, one-of-a-kind design on each piece.


During a trip to Asia, the founders of Nirvanna were so impressed with the kindness and beauty of the area and its people that they decided to create a company to distribute the knitted crafts the locals could make to the world. Now, combining modern design with traditional methods, crafts-people in Nepal knit Nirvanna’s warm weather wear: from hats and hoods to gloves and scarves.