The annual wild Pacific Halibut commercial fishing season opened in late spring to healthy populations from Alaska to California. Almost 75% of this clean tasting, naturally low-fat white fish comes from crisp Alaskan waters and is then known as “Alaskan Halibut”.

Wild Pacific Halibut have been monitored and managed across this range for almost 100 years by the International Pacific Halibut Commission in Seattle. Their holistic and scientific methods have led to commercial Pacific Halibut from Alaska to California being highly rated for sustainability in key areas such as long-line fishing, low bycatch, and low habitat damage.

The storied Pacific Halibut finds itself right alongside Salmon in traditional Alaskan culture – but not in a way you might imagine.

Some hefty halibut have proven to be a handful to harvest, as halibut can hit 6 feet or more and weigh 400-500 pounds.

The Indigenous Tlingits of the Northwest developed special fishing hooks that released any fish over 30-50 lbs. to prevent these larger halibut from capsizing their canoes. The Tsimshian tribe of the Pacific Northwest has a tale of a monster halibut that ate an entire canoe – along with the prince and two princesses who were aboard.

Working closely with our seafood sustainability consulting partner, FishWise, we make sure to offer the highest levels of sustainability in the seafood we bring you – and we don’t do it just for the halibut!