Made exclusively with organic cotton grown and milled in the United States, Harvest & Mill clothing is an exciting new offering in our Housewares Department. Harvest & Mill designs their cotton tees, pants and children’s clothing in Berkeley, and sews their offerings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through their entirely domestic supply chain, Harvest & Mill is able to ensure the safest working conditions, the highest environmental standards, and the lowest CO2 footprint, all of which are severely lacking in global clothing supply chains.

As a local garment manufacturer, Harvest & Mill preserves the legacy of San Francisco Bay Area garment manufacturing, supporting local seamsters and keeping resources within the local community. All of their products are designed and sewn by workers making a local living wage.

Harvest & Mill sources their organic cotton from passionate farmers in the American Southwest. They work directly with American heritage mills in the Southeastern US, where their cotton is spun and knit into a proprietary fabric. Their natural fabric is completely dye-free, bleach-free and free of toxic chemical finishes, while their black fabric is made with low-impact fiber reactive dyes, the healthiest choice for those who prefer something other than natural tone fabric. They’re also working on limited edition plant-dyed garments, which we hope to make available at Good Earth in the near future.