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Omega-3s and resveratrol improved lipid profiles


Nutrients improve cholesterol in children and oral health in adolescents

Healthy Insight

Live Longer with Fish & Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Nutrients improve cholesterol in children and oral health in adolescents

Mind and Mood

Nutrients improve cholesterol in children and oral health in adolescents

Good Metabolics

Nutrients improve cholesterol in children and oral health in adolescents


Prebiotics and probiotics improve gut health, reduce gastric pain

Control Blood Sugar Better with Lentils

Control Blood Sugar Better with Lentils

Healthy Women

Nutrients relieve menstrual pain and hot flashes


Omega-3s and vitamin D reduce eye disease

Lean and Fit

Nutrients boost lean body mass, help manage weight


Nutrients reduce stroke, lower blood pressure

Organics On A Family Budget

Would you like to know how to stretch your food dollars and become organically frugal?

Kids Nutrition
With some planning and careful shopping, buying organic food can fit in a modest household budget.

First make a list of all the staples you do have and look through your cookbooks, online and in your favorite resources for recipes to help you with meal planning. Once you know what food is in your kitchen and have an idea of what you’re shopping for, here’s how to buy organic foods at Good Earth Natural Foods on a family budget:


Organic produce bought in season is priced lower, travels a shorter distance and tastes better. Good Earth has some amazing weekly organic produce specials.


It’s less expensive than going out to eat. If you have children, think of allowing each child to be the family chef once a week. Take them shopping for organic ingredients, watch them cook, and enjoy being served. It’s fun, saves money and helps kids build great life skills too!


Buying organic in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean you’re purchasing in huge quantities. On the contrary, you can buy as little or as much as you need. Getting just the right amount reduces waste, thus reduces expense. Plus, bulk is more affordable and uses less packaging. Tip: reuse your empty glass pasta jars and fill with bulk organic oatmeal and organic raisins to make your kids an affordable wholesome breakfast.

For bulk buying tips see “How To Buy Bulk” below.


Check out Good Earth’s re-pack section, in the center of the store at the end of aisle four. We buy in large quantities from our suppliers and re-pack in smaller sizes to pass the savings onto you. Dried organic mangos are a kid favorite!


Make animal protein the side dish, not the main dish. Serve grass-fed meats, organic poultry and sustainable seafood in smaller amounts with a larger portion of organic vegetables and organic grains. It’s more sustainable for the environment and your budget.

Good Earth’s Meat & Seafood prices are very competitive and our quality exceptional.


Check Good Earth’s monthly sales sheet. Stock up on non-perishable organic items on sale.


Compare fresh, frozen, dried and canned varieties of organic food for the best price.


Revamp organic leftovers. Try to use everything when you cook, and only buy what you need.


Before you shop, look through your fridge and cupboards to see what you have on hand already. When considering perishable food purchases, consider your upcoming schedule and only buy what you’ll be you’ll be able to finish during upcoming meals at home, both saving money and avoiding food waste.

We hope these tips help! Thank you for shopping at Good Earth and choosing to eat organic!

How To Buy Bulk

Exploring and expanding the culinary possibilities of our extensive bulk section has many upsides for your health, your budget, and the planet.

Good Earth's Bulk DepartmentPick your container

We offer several sizes of glass jars and washable cotton bags that can be used over and over again for your bulk purchases. If you don’t bring your own container, no problem – we provide bags for your use.

Get the tare weight

If you bring your own glass jar from home, please ask a cashier to weigh it before you fill it, and write down the tare weight (that’s the weight of an empty container).


Choose the amount you need and write down the PLU # (stands for Price Look Up). Simply fill your container or bag with your desired amount, then write down the PLU # (that’s the number on the front of the bulk bins) on the container, bag or twist tie).

Check out!

Our cashier will subtract the tare weight so you are not paying for the weight of the container. Plus you will receive a 5¢ credit for every reusable container/bag you bring from home!


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