Why not try something delicious that’s made all the sweeter with fruit, rather than added sugar?

Try our Banana Date Drops or one of our Ricely Cookies! Not only are these wholesome snacks made from scratch, but they also contain absolutely no added sugars. These offerings are also vegan and wheat-free to suit the needs of our beloved community.

What’s in them?

Banana Date Drops have been a favorite since we first pulled them out of the oven. They are sweet, soft, and perhaps the most satisfying of all our home-baked goods. Crowned with a single pecan, they are made with a scrumptious combination of bananas, date pieces, oats, and just a little bit of vanilla and sunflower oil. Try one, and see why customers simply can’t get enough of them!

Ricely Cookies are chewy and wholesome treats, which we make the whole year round. These delicious bars are made with raisins, brown rice flour, sesame seeds, and just a little bit of sunflower oil. Be sure to grab one the next time you pass by our Bakery case!