Exploring the culinary and medicinal possibilities of our extensive bulk herb section has many upsides for your health, your budget, and the planet. See our tips on shopping the department, below.

Pick your Container

We offer several sizes of glass jars and washable cotton bags that can be used over and over again for your bulk purchases. If you don’t bring your own container, that’s okay – we provide paper bags.

Get the Tare Weight

If you bring your own container from home, please ask a cashier to weigh it before you fill it, and write down the tare weight (that’s the weight of an empty container).
Make Your Selection

Our bulk herbs are alphabetized for ease of locating. Select the item you’d like to purchase and bring it to the filling station in the center of the department. Choose the scoop that best fits your container, and fill with your desired amount, then write down the PLU # (that’s the number on the front of the bulk bins) on the container or bag.

Clean Up

Before walking away, please remove your scoop from the jar and place it with the rest of the used scoops at the filling station. Return your jar to the same spot where you found it.

Check Out

Our cashier will subtract the tare weight so you are not paying for the weight of the container. Plus you will receive a 5¢ credit for every reusable container/bag you bring from home.