Javier Zamora of JSM Organic Farms got his start early, growing vegetables on his family farm in Michoacan, Mexico when he was only seven years old. From a young age, he was taught the value of traditional farming, in which his family avoided the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Inspired by his family’s tradition, Javier made the move to carry on the family legacy and started an organic farm of his very own in 2012.

Since then, his beautiful lands in Monterey County have grown and flourished into several dozen acres, all certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Javier grows a number of crops including organic chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, green beans, cut flowers and summer squash, but one of the farm’s greatest treasures are the strawberries that are lovingly tended and grown there. In fact, much of Javier’s active acreage is devoted to strawberries. He grows several different varieties including Hood, Sweet Ann, Chandler, and Albion, which he delivers directly to our stores. Javier’s strawberries are perfectly ripe and sweet as can be with fragrant, floral notes and an almost tropical flavor. We’re excited for strawberry season and expect to see Javier’s strawberries in our Produce Department by early June.