Washing our hands, sleeping well, and maintaining proper hydration are like the mantras of winter self-care, ensuring that you prevent the spreading of germs as much as possible.

Stepping up your multi-vitamin mineral game is also a great way to boost immunity and health. If you’ve been taking a “one-a-day” type of multi, or the same brand for a long time, you may be missing out on key nutrients that fill the gaps in our diets, plus protect and strengthen all body systems.

Zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin C are all heavily studied in virus and bacteria fighting protocols, but also easy to get in pill form. Garden of life, New Chapter, Paradise Herbs, Rainbow light and Bluebonnet carry multi-vitamins and minerals that can be taken throughout the season.

Some of us never get the flu, which is wonderful! For those who seem more susceptible to viruses, catching every bug that flies into town, you may want to check out Vibrant Health Immune Defense. This product states that it contains antibodies that target 26 human pathogens.

Throw in Onnit’s Shroom Tech Immune Support and locally made favorite First Nutrients Nutrivie Immune sachets, and you’re going to benefit from mushrooms galore, antioxidants in mineral and dried food forms, and superior tonic Chinese herbs. Those tonic herbs contain some of the most active, unique, potent compounds found in any plants.

If you do get a bug, don’t panic; it matters not where, or how you got it. The important thing is moving through it quickly, and to prevent the spreading of your germs to your friends and family.

The people that are getting better faster, and having less troubling symptoms, are taking measures before those colds come on. MegaFood’s Daily turmeric, Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme or Whole Body Defense, even Honey Gardens Elderberry Syrup, contain, the right stuff to keep sniffles at bay and immune cells at the ready. Come chat with our supplements department about any of these recommendations; we’re happy to help you and your community stay healthy this fall and winter!