Marin local, Erika Wright, is on a mission to create products that make people feel both happy and healthy.

She began making Supah Stah superfood dark chocolate bars after realizing a gap in the grocery industry for great tasting food made with high integrity ingredients, and packaged in a sustainable way. As she puts it, “I would walk around the grocery store wondering why someone hadn’t come up with better versions of what was available. I became that someone”.

This dedication to quality is evident in each Supah Stah bar. Erika uses only organic, whole food ingredients for her chocolates, with wildcrafted cacao serving as the base.

The heirloom cacao variety used by Supah Stah is called Arriba Criollo.

It is sourced from old-growth trees in the Ecuadorian Andes, and hand-picked by a team of 450 wild harvesters. The beans used by Supah Stah come from seed propagated trees, thriving in diverse ecosystems, irrigated by rain and spring water. In order to let the flavor of the cacao shine, Supah Stah bars are made without refined or cane sugar, lecithin, fillers or emulsifiers.

In addition to wildcrafted cacao, Supah Stah bars also feature a variety of raw, organic superfoods like goji berries, reishi mushrooms, maca root and more. These ingredients give each bar a nutritional boost, while complimenting the flavor of the chocolate, and adding a unique textural element.

For Supah Stah, finding the most sustainable packaging options available is another top priority.

Instead of using plastic to preserve the freshness of her bars, Erika uses a compostable inner-wrapper made from Eucalyptus, and a recyclable outer package.

While Supah Stah’s current package is a huge step forward for the industry, Erika is hopeful that advancements in technology and availability will allow for improved options in the future. “Our packaging will only get better”, she vows.

Erika is uncompromising in her dedication to sourcing nutritious, organic ingredients, as well as packaging that supports a healthy future for the planet, even if this dedication equates to slower growth for Supah Stah. As she puts it, “There are a lot of shortcuts you can take to increase profitability. We’re growing slower than some brands because we’re committed to what we offer”.

It’s this commitment that makes Supah Stah one of our favorite local brands. We’re proud to offer four Supah Stah bars in our grocery department, including: Medicinal Mushroom, Naked, Goji Berry, and Mulberry.