Good Earth is dedicated to finding new ways of living in tune with the earth. We know that every choice we make affects the world around us. That is why we are excited to offer an ale from a company that cares as much as we do.

Long Root Ale is made with Kernza®, a new “perennial wheat” developed by The Land Institute of Salina, Kansas. Unlike traditional grains, Kernza® can be harvested year after year, while the plant remains firmly rooted in the soil. This means less erosion, more nutrients for the plant, reduction of carbon release since there is no tilling/removing/burning of the soil, and a healthier environment all around.

Patagonia Provisions saw great promise in Kernza®, and partnered with Hopworks in Portland, Oregon to create this delicious, eco-friendly ale. After some trial and error, they decided to replace 15% of the usual barley with Kernza®. Organic Chinook, Crystal, and Mosaic hops lend the ale some bitterness and a mild grapefruit aroma, while Kernza® gives the brew a toasty, earthy, slightly sweet character. All this comes together in a distinctive amber ale that will leave you thirsty for more!

Soak up the last rays of summer with Long Root Ale. Cheers!