Cult CrackersThroughout Sweden, seeded cracker-like crispbreads, known as knäckebröd, have enjoyed hundreds of years of popularity. Swedish native, Birgitta Durell, had fond memories of the traditional crispbreads and spent years perfecting her recipe after she moved to the United States to attend college. While working as a distributor for her family’s Swedish cookware company, Birgitta always had a batch of her crackers on hand to serve at trade shows, and attendees often had the same comment. “Forget the pans, sell the crackers!”. It wasn’t until Birgitta befriended Dianna Dar, that she took the idea of selling her crackers seriously. The two women met through their daughters’ school, and instantly connected over their love of food. Birgitta and Dianna worked to perfect their recipe, rented a commercial gluten-free cooking space, and launched Cult Crackers.

These days, Birgitta and Dianna work alongside a number of other small food producers in the Berkeley Kitchens. They use a number of healthful seeds like chia, flax, and sesame to craft their gluten-free, organic crackers. Instead of using traditional rye flour, Birgitta and Dianna like to experiment with a variety of gluten-free flours. One of their offerings uses a corn flour base, while the other uses cassava flour. Cult Crackers pair well with cheese and hummus and can be found in our Specialty department.