We all know and love Nicasio Valley Farms for their exquisite, organic, farmstead cheeses, but they also produce amazing pasture raised, free-range eggs, which we are thrilled to have on our shelves. The Lafranchi family has been running their dairy in Nicasio California since 1919, when Fredolino Lafranchi came to America from Switzerland. Since then, Fredolino’s grandchildren, who now run the business, established Nicasio Valley Cheese Company, making cheeses using only their very own organic, Lafranchi Ranch, morning milk. If you find yourself driving along Nicasio Valley Rd. look out your window as you pass the reservoir and you will see the ranch, as well as an old dairy barn which they renovated into their creamery, ripening rooms, and roadside store.

In 2013 the Lafranchis also began incorporating pasture hens into their sustainable farming methods. The over 3,000 pasture raised, American Humane Certified, egg-laying chickens that live at the ranch feed on the grasses, legumes, seeds, worms, grubs, and insects that cover the terrain, while also providing valuable high-quality fertilizer for the fields. This varied, omnivorous diet makes for exceptionally nutritious and delicious eggs.