Buying organic food is #1, but how you are cooking that organic food is also extremely important. Many metal and nonstick pans may be exposing you and your family to potentially dangerous chemicals like poly and/or perfluoroalkyl.

These petroleum derivatives are used to create slippery surfaces on Teflon-coated or non-stick pans. The EPA has found these chemicals to be likely carcinogenic.

That’s where Evaco Cast pans come in, offering you the best of the non-stick world, while also being human and environmentally safe.

These pans are coated in “ceramica,” made from sand, rock, and ceramic materials. The beauty of this material is that you can clean it in seconds, even eggs seem to float right off, which many of our employees will attest to. These pans also tolerate heat up to 920 degrees Fahrenheit, which is nearly twice the heating tolerance of Teflon coated pans.

Underneath the ceramica coating is a pressure-cast aluminum with a magnetized base, making for even and rapid heat-distribution. We love that the pans are 100% warp proof, although you must never use any metal to clean the pan (don’t worry everything slides right off) or cook with. This could damage the coating. These pans come highly recommended by many Good Earthlings. Perfect for cooking your holiday feast!