From the Piura Valley of Peru to the Cloud Forests of Ecuador, the team at Original Beans has scoured the Earth in pursuit of rare cacao beans.

Since 2008, they’ve made it their mission to craft single origin, organic chocolates while preserving the delicate ecosystems of the communities from which they source.

Because each bar of Original Beans chocolate begins with single origin cacao, they’ve worked diligently to highlight the distinct flavor of the beans. To bring out the natural aroma of their unique cacao varieties, their chocolates are free from additives commonly seen in chocolate like lecithin, palm oil or vanillin. Instead, the team at Original Beans has elected to focus on fine-tuning their roasting and conching times as a means to obtain the perfect glaze, aroma and texture for their chocolates. Conching is a process in which heated chocolate is stirred and agitated for several hours to ensure that the cacao butter is evenly distributed.

To flavor some of their chocolates, Original Beans uses organic, raw cane sugar and organic Swiss Alpine milk, predominantly sourced from small farms with fewer than 30 cows.

Original Beans is passionate about making pure, delicious chocolate, but their mission is equally rooted in a dedication to sustainability.

They source their cacao beans from highly biodiverse regions in South America, Africa and Asia. These are some of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, but also the most threatened.

In an effort to preserve these areas, Original Beans launched a “One Bar : One Tree” program. For every chocolate bar sold, they plant a cacao or shade tree, ensuring heritage cacao trees and their shaded rainforests will remain for future generations. To date, Original beans has planted and preserved over 2,000,000 trees. Their tree planting efforts are carefully coordinated with local conservation programs that help empower farmers and their families, and protect endangered wildlife.

As part of their commitment to transparency, each bar of Original Beans chocolate includes a tracking code. Customers can visit the Original Beans website and enter their code to watch their tree grow.

We are excited to offer four varieties of organic Original Beans Chocolate:

CUSCO CHUNCHO | Cacao Percentage: 100% Bean Origin: Cusco, Peru Tasting Notes: Dried flowers and grass

GRAND CRU BLEND NO. 1 | Cacao Percentage: 80% Bean Origin: South America and Africa Tasting Notes: Dense notes of wild berries and coffee

PIURA PORCELANA | Cacao Percentage: 75% Bean Origin: Peruvian Nacional Tasting Notes: Light notes of lime, raspberry and toasted pecan

ESMERALDAS MILK WITH FLEUR DE SEL | Cacao Percentage: 42% Bean Origin: Esmeraldas, Ecuador Tasting Notes: Velvety notes of salt caramel and red summer fruits