At Good Earth, our goal is to offer the very best quality, certified organic products to our communities. We believe that organic certification is the most quantifiable, trackable system to remove chemicals from our food system, and our environment. At Good Earth, we see our Bulk and Produce departments as the foundation of our organic food commitments, and representative of the best of what’s available in our food system.

One of the major benefits of shopping in our Bulk and Produce departments is the amount of packaging these departments eliminate.

Additionally, bulk products often require less overall travel before reaching our store than their packaged counterparts, and in Produce, we post the number of miles each piece of produce travels to reach us. By selecting food that has traveled only a short distance, you are not only reducing carbon emissions, you are also supporting small, local farmers. Shopping seasonal produce and exploring items in bulk allows you to diversify your diet and create new and interesting meals for your family.

Throughout bulk and produce, you’ll find only organic foods, rich in bioavailable nutrients, and when you cook from scratch with grains, legumes, and vegetables you minimize processing and control every ingredient.

Because of these reasons, organic in both Bulk Foods and Produce. While our Produce department has long been 100% organic, stocking our Bulk Foods department entirely with organic products has been a much longer journey.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked diligently in our sourcing to remove the few remaining non-organic items and find suitable replacements. We’re happy to say that now when you shop our bulk food bins, you can do so knowing that the contents are certified organic. Of course, our work is not done. Though we’ve already transitioned our Produce, Bakery, Cafe and Bulk Foods departments to organic, we will continue to work with our suppliers in every department until we reach our goal of offering 100% organic, Non-GMO foods.