It is estimated that the average child creates 67 pounds of lunch trash each year! We, here at Good Earth, try to limit what goes into the landfill whenever possible, so here are some environmentally friendly options to help you pack your child a waste-free lunch.

Bee’s Wrap

Sarah Kaeck took her love of fresh food, cooking, the environment, and her family and brought it all together to create Bee’s Wrap: a washable, re-usable, compostable alternative to plastic wrap. Bee’s wrap is made of organic cotton, infused with sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Bee’s wrap can be used to do a multitude of things previously done by plastic wrap, plastic bags or aluminum foil. It can cover bowls, wrap cheeses, save cut fruit such as lemons, avocados, or apples, or even form a pouch to hold your sandwich or trail mix. Bee’s wrap is activated by the warmth of your hands, which softens the beeswax as you form it around the food or container. Then, once you let go, the beeswax hardens within seconds, forming a seal.


Founded by 3 moms, determined to overthrow the disposable plastic baggie industry, Lunchskins are re-usable, dishwasher safe, recyclable alternatives to zip-top plastic bags. They are made of food-safe, quick-drying fabric, coated by a food-safe polyurethane liner and sealable with either a velcro or zipper top. This makes the bags air tight, grease proof, and moisture proof, so they can hold even your messiest sandwiches and snacks. 1 Lunchskin bag can eliminate over 500 plastic bags!


After the birth of their daughter, the founders of Onyx Containers needed a better way to store their food. Plastic was bad for the environment and their families health, and glass was too easily breakable with a baby in the house. Food grade stainless steel was the answer! Many of Onyx containers are double walled to keep food hot or cold for hours, and many also have multiple compartments that clip together so you can store your whole lunch in one convenient package.

ECO Lunchboxes

In an effort to keep plastic out of our oceans, and her children’s lunches, Sandra Ann Harris founded ECO Lunchboxes. Their Blue Water Bento collection began with screen printed canvas lunchbags with a convenient velcro closure and rope carrying loop. They have since evolved to include a line of ocean-friendly, 100% plastic-free, stainless steel containers with leak proof silicone lids.