Paradise Valley Produce is tucked back along Pine Gulch Creek in a secluded basin in Bolinas, CA. Nestled between Bolinas Lagoon and the coast, the cool climate at PVP supports a wide variety of row crops, such as greens, lettuces, leeks, squash, potatoes & more. Paradise Valley Farm is a multi-generational farm and has been providing organic produce to Good Earth for several decades, since we were located in the tiny storefront on Bolinas Road in Fairfax.

PVP has a deep connection to the land and their organic, regenerative farming practices are apparent in the products they sell.

Their soil health program includes onsite fish and kelp extracts, composting, and the application of compost teas. They harvest their own indigenous microorganisms and mycorrhizae to enrich the microbiome of the soil. Paradise Valley has worked extensively on habitat restoration along Pine Gulch Creek to restore the ancient coho salmon and they are the first farm in California to be certified Salmon Safe.

PVP has also invited many children to visit and tour their farm. This connection to youth, to the land, sustainable nutrient cycling, and ecological restoration makes Paradise Valley Farm a sustainable gem right in our backyard. Look for their rich, beautiful produce, and especially their wonderfully tasty and abundant salad mix, in our Produce Departments.