Much like Good Earth, Patagonia Provisions was founded on the simple belief that you are what you eat, and like us, they would much rather be organic. Organic whole grains, filled with flavor, fiber and complex carbohydrates; organic kale, rich in antioxidants and vitamins; local apricots bursting with natural sweetness; wild sockeye salmon; free-roaming grass fed buffalo.

Patagonia Provisions fully believes in educating consumers and offering delicious alternatives to genetically engineered and modified food, or food coated with chemicals! Patagonia Provisions is dedicated to finding solutions that repair the food chain. Their easy to prepare foods are the product of forward-thinking farmers, ranchers and fisherman who embrace growing methods that regenerate and restore our resources, rather than deplete them.

Good Earth Natural Foods is proud to say that we were the first grocer in the country to carry Patagonia Provisions full line of open range buffalo jerky, organic fruit + almond bars, wild caught smoked salmon, organic soups and breakfast grains sweetened with organic fruit.

Patagonia Provisions was born out of its parent company, Patagonia, who discovered long ago the importance of going organic. Over 20 years ago, Patagonia employees in Boston began suffering horrible headaches after receiving a new shipment of cotton sportswear to stock the store. It was discovered that the cause was formaldehyde used to treat the cotton! They learned that cotton endured intensive chemical application during cultivation, processing and manufacturing. Patagonia switched to organic cotton, having to re-educate themselves, and rethink their entire supply chain.

Patagonia decided to enter the world of food only to discover most of the US population is intensely disconnected with where their food comes from, let alone who grows or catches it. On their website, Patagonia Provisions points out the chemical driven green revolution, which is the idea that increasing yields is the key to ending world hunger using heavy applications of agrochemicals and genetically modified crops, is not working.

In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that three million people a year suffer from pesticide poisoning, while the pests are growing more and more resistant to these agrochemical applications.

Patagonia Provisions sources ingredients that are certified organic (and therefore without harmful, toxic pesticide applications), and from farms and producers whose business practices have a positive impact on the environment as a whole. For example, some of the buckwheat in Provisions breakfast grains come from farmers like Finnriver Farm, an organic farm whose owners are passionate about organic farming and long term soil health in Washington state. These hearty breakfast grains are nutritious hot cereal packed with organic whole grains and fruit that cook quickly!

The partnership between Patagonia Provisions and Good Earth could not be more in alignment, and we are so grateful for their passion about bettering our food system!