Organic, California-grown Rainbow Quinoa is a welcome addition to Good Earth for a variety of reasons. You can find it in our Bulk Foods department and on our hot foods bar every day from open to close.

This powerhouse seed (often mistaken for a grain) has all nine essential amino acids, including Lysine, and is a complete protein – making it a great option for those who are focused on a plant based diet.

The majority of Quinoa comes from Bolivia or Peru, which means it is traveling over 5,000 miles to reach our plates. We now have a direct relationship with Wild Rose Farms, located in Blue Lake, California.

This colorful, rainbow variety of Quinoa is grown less than 300 miles away in Humboldt County and is a great choice for those endeavoring to eat as locally as possible.

We are also very excited that Wild Rose Farms practices ‘Dry Farming’, a technique where the seed is sown deeper into the earth and minimal water is used without irrigation. This is especially ideal in a state like California, where rainfall is unpredictable and often sparse.

We love the opportunity our Bulk Foods department offers to explore the best of what’s available in our food system. Not only is our California-grown Rainbow Quinoa a nutritious, organic option for your family, it also offers a more local option to traditionally imported Quinoa. We hope you’ll give it a try!