Few things hit the spot better than a cold glass of crisp white wine on one of our delightfully warm summer days here in Marin. Sauvignon Blanc is a favorite of many wine lovers, and Quivira vineyards has created a shining example of the varietal in their 2015 Fig Tree Sauvignon Blanc, which was awarded 92 Points by Wine Spectator; the highest rating of any 2015 California Sauvignon Blanc. Grown on Quivira’s Fig Tree Vineyard in the rocky, limestone rich soil beneath a 140 year old fig tree, this appropriately named wine gleans flavor from all aspects of its surroundings. Since this wine comes entirely from a single vineyard, Quivira uses phased harvesting: where grapes are picked at varying degrees of ripeness, to collect a wide range of varietal expression and achieve exquisite balance. Mineral notes from the rocky soil are set against subtle grassy flavors from the young grapes, and touches of melon, pineapple, and some even say fig, from the more mature grapes. Quivira also ages a portion of the wine in Acacia barrels to add a touch of richness, which perfectly offsets the bright, freshness of the fruit.

Quivira wines are Biodynamically farmed and their farming practices are based off their goal of achieving complete self-sustainability.

They use composting, manure from cows that graze the vineyards, and cover crops to ensure and maintain healthy, vibrant soil. They also grow all the material that they use to make their prepared vineyard applications on-site, alongside gardens filled with a wide variety of plant and animal biodiversity.