Good Earth Tofu RojoThis delicious tofu dish features a creamy roasted red pepper sauce, veggies, and a hint of spice. Try putting the red pepper sauce on other dishes too.
Mushroom StroganoffThis warm, vegetarian stroganoff is one of our coziest and most satisfying dishes. We recommend serving the stroganoff over brown rice, but you can experiment with your favorite grain.
Good Earth RatatouilleA classic French dish gets reimagined, Good Earth style. A little jalapeño adds a hint of spice, and the red wine vinegar cuts the rich sauce nicely. Serve with one of our crusty house-made baguettes.
Good Earth Oil-Free Coconut DahlDelicious coconut dahl without the oil! Dry sautéing may take a little time to get down, but you can achieve the same delicious caramelization with some practice.
Good Earth Butternut Squash EnchiladasAdd an interesting ingredient twist to an otherwise traditional dish. Butternut squash adds a slightly sweet and creamy element, spiced with chili, cumin, and chipotle.
Good Earth Tofu Grilled SkewersJuicy pineapple, healthy tofu, earthy mushrooms, sweet bell peppers, and onions combine to make these mouthwatering skewers, covered in homemade teriyaki sauce.