As a retailer, we are acutely aware of the prevalence of single-use, mostly plastic packaging in the food industry. We are committed to sourcing more sustainable options and finding creative alternatives to single-use.

One of the areas in the store where we have the most control, and where we feel we can work with customers to make the most immediate impact, is our own Food Service. A few years ago, we transitioned almost all of our prepared soups into a reusable, glass package, and we’re actively looking for opportunities to build on the success of this program.

We recently transitioned our house-made krauts into glass, and we’ve also started offering mason jar salads in our grab-and-go case.

Response to these reusable options has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are truly grateful for your support in helping to get this program off the ground.

Because we utilize a variety of containers in our kitchen, cafe and bakery, transitioning all of our offerings to reusable packaging has proved challenging. In instances where we offer single-use containers, we work to source the most sustainable options available to us, like compostable PLA or wheatstraw.

While we believe these options are ultimately better for the environment than plastic, we want to stress that they are not truly sustainable. Compostable single-use offerings still require a tremendous amount of energy and resources to manufacture and transport, all for an item that will only be used once. Additionally, most of the compostable offerings on the market are only compostable in certain settings.

We’d like to ask for your support in helping us decrease use of these items whenever possible.

If you’re eating with us in-house, please consider using use only the reusable plates, bowls and silverware we have available in our cafe. If you’re stopping by our salad bar or hot bar, and planning on taking your meal to go, please consider bringing in your own container. One of our cashiers would be happy to help you get the weight of the container prior to use.

While these might seem like small steps, they can prevent thousands of single-use containers from leaving our stores each week.