Stemple Creek is a prime example of what we look for and hold in high esteem when it comes to a meat producer.

Their beef is all grass-fed, and grass-finished: the cows do not eat any grain, soy, or other feed of any kind. Beyond that, we are proud to say that all the Stemple Creek meat we sell is certified organic. We worked with Stemple Creek to help provide them with the support and demand they needed to start producing certified organic meat. Prior to their transition, despite the fact that most of their cows and pastures were certified organic, the harvesting facility and some of the butcher shops they used were not, meaning the finished product could not be certified organic. Now, they have changed many of their processing facilities to certified organic ones, which allows us to proudly promote them as certified organic!

They have not changed over all of their facilities however, so you may still see some non-organic Stemple Creek beef at other grocery stores. But again, all Stemple Creek meat sold here at Good Earth is certified organic.

Stemple Creek also goes above and beyond the standard when it comes to care and responsibility for their animals and the earth.

They, of course, never give the animals any artificial hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics, and their humane animal welfare practices are certified by the Global Animal Partnership program. They also work with the Marin Carbon Project to use techniques such as careful rotational grazing and spreading of organic compost to enact carbon sequestration.