For 49 years, Good Earth’s mission has been to improve our food system. We often discuss the many benefits of certified organic foods, with a focus on the positive impact organic has on human and animal health. Organic agriculture creates equally important benefits to our environment, which is also a fundamental part of Good Earth’s mission. From sustainable soil health to the elimination of chemical runoff to carbon sequestration, organic agriculture not only benefits the farms themselves, but we believe it is also a powerful solution to our climate concerns.

Greenhouse gas emissions and corporate farming techniques, combined with an ever decreasing amount of carbon sequestering vegetation on our planet are having an alarming effect on our global climate.

As part of our efforts to reverse this trend, Good Earth is very proud to partner with The Climate Collaborative, an organization solely dedicated to solving what many view as the primary threat to our planet’s (and our own) future. The Climate Collaborative is a program of OSC2, an organization of sustainable natural products professionals formed in 2012 and founded by Lara Dickinson, a Natural Products Industry Executive, and Ahmed Rahim, Founder and CEO of Numi Organic Tea. They determined that reversing the current trends in our changing climate was imperative and launched The Climate Collaborative in 2016.

Their vision was to create a vehicle where a greater community of natural product companies and individuals could share ideas and experiences while determining a path forward that carries the greatest environmental benefit.

Companies participate in the Climate Collaborative by making commitments in key areas such as Food Waste, Energy Efficiency and Transportation. Progress in these areas is monitored on an annual basis to help create meaningful change.

In joining the Climate Collaborative, Good Earth has made commitments in five areas: Agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Policy, Renewable Energy, and Packaging (we also participate in OSC2’s Packaging Collaborative). Though we have always been diligent in these areas, the ability to participate with like-minded professionals and organizations, specifically focused on improving our climate, exponentially increases our ability to make ongoing improvements.

Aside from discovering new practices and products that reduce our operational carbon footprint, we also now stand as a larger group on a global level, dedicated to improving policy and positively influencing political decisions on environmental issues.

In our first six months of participation, Good Earth has already seen improvements in all five areas of commitment, thanks to the amazing group of people that make up the Climate Collaborative. Our gratitude for their involvement and mission cannot be overstated. We encourage anyone interested to look into the Climate Collaborative and the OSC2, and get involved. These organizations are nothing more or less than the individuals that comprise them.