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Good Earth Timeline 1962-1973

Dedicated to the health & sustainability of our community since 1969

We were founded with the dream of offering the very best quality and most organic food that we could find.

Never content to simply accept the status quo, we have always pushed the envelope and tried to encourage food growers and manufacturers to produce food of higher quality.

Organic runs deep at Good Earth.

We believe that organic foods offer us the best opportunity to heal our bodies and the earth, so throughout Good Earth you will notice that we “Go Organic” with over 95% of our groceries organic and 99% of our extensive prepared foods, bakery and cafe organic as well.

• Organic foods are grown in higher humus soils so they offer superior taste and nutrition.
• Organic foods are grown without chemical pesticides so they are easier on us and other creatures.
• Organic foods are also the best way to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Since 1969 we have been continually offering our local community the finest organic foods we can procure. You won’t find us listed on the New York Stock Exchange, nor are we going to open a store in neighborhoods all over the Planet. We simply want to sell our customers foods grown and processed using the radical but ancient concept, care. Often care takes a back seat to the pursuit of the almighty dollar. We feel that this is wrong and shortsighted.

We offer foods grown and prepared using a minimum of processing and no chemical pesticides or food additives. If we cannot meet this ideal with a certain food item, we get as close as we can, and make as much noise as we can to change it for the better.

We always endeavor to remember that food contains spirit.

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Recognition BadgesAwards

Good Earth is a Certified Green Business of Marin County and has won Pacific Sun’s Best of Marin “Best Business That Promotes Going Green” 7 times, “Best Organic Produce” for 2013 and 2014, and Hall of Fame for “Best Health Food Store”. North Bay Bohemian readers have also named us “Best Natural Foods Store” and “Best Grocery Store” in Marin several years running.

Congressman Jared Huffman visited Good Earth on November 7, 2014 and awarded co-owners Mark Squire and Al Baylacq with his Sustainable North Coast Certificate. The award states, “Presented to Good Earth Natural Foods in recognition of the organization’s dedication to conservation and sustainable business practices, including Good Earth’s commitment to using 100% renewable energy. By investing in the currently 6th largest solar system in Marin County and offering only the highest quality organic and local foods, Good Earth market has become a model of sustainability for other businesses to follow. Your advocacy and educational outreach on key issues, such as GMO labeling, the overuse of pesticides and child nutrition, have been a catalyst for progressive change. Good Earth’s focus on reducing carbon emissions, commitment to renewable power and dedication of providing customers with nourishing foods are worthy of high commendation.” Signed The Hon. Jared Huffman, California’s 2nd District, United States Congress

Organic Consumers Association Top 12 GMO Right To Know Grocer Logo

In July 2013 Good Earth was recognized as one of North America’s “Diligent Dozen GMO Right To Know” grocers for actively working toward GMO-free product lines, pressuring food manufacturers to transition to non-GMO ingredients, informing consumers about Genetically Modified Organisms, and labeling products in which they may exist so that customers can make informed choices.

Store Policies/Services

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Marin “BYO Bag” Program

With many other Marin County Independent Grocers, Good Earth has chosen to participate in Marin’s “Reusable Carry-Out Bag Ordinance” championed by the late Marin County Supervisor, Charles McGlashan, to encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags, thereby reducing environmental impacts.

Good Earth credits you .5¢ per reusable bag of any size.

As participants in Marin’s bag ordinance, Good Earth will charge 5 cents per large paper grocery bag. Customers using EBT cards or “food stamps” will not be charged for bags. Good Earth’s Fairfax store will donate bag fees to local non-profit Sustainable Fairfax’s work towards zero waste.

Let’s work together to reach the Town of Fairfax’s Goal of Zero Waste by 2020. Please join the movement to BYO-Bag.

Good Earth Partners Al Baylacq and Mark Squire With New Solar Installation

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Our sunny and inviting Fairfax building was put together with the Earth in mind.

Overall our Fairfax store is powered by 100% renewable energy, with 35% of our power coming from our rooftop 852-panel solar installation which came online in the Spring of 2013 – the 6th biggest solar power installation in Marin County.

The panels cover 40,000 square feet of rooftop, can supply about 200 kW of power at peak times.

Learn more about our energy sources »

Radiation Monitoring Station

Good Earth is concerned about radiation in our environment.

So, to help keep tabs locally, we’ve established a rooftop radiation monitoring station atop our Fairfax location. This device constantly monitors atmospheric radiation in our area. The readout from our monitor displays live on our website, as well as contributes to a national network of realtime monitors at The Radiation Network.

See our live Geiger Graph »

Good Earth Labeling Key

Our Labeling Key

Good Earth is committed to offering as much information as possible about the food we sell so you can make informed choices.

In our quest to provide you with the most accurate and complete information about the food we offer, we’ve put together this unique and simple labeling key which we use throughout the store.

To help meet your dietary needs, look for these labels on our shelves. They identify products which are raw, whole grain, locally produced (within 100 mile radius), contain refined sugar, vegan, gluten free, are non-GMO Project and Fair Trade Verified.

Silent Spring by Rachel CarsonOur Inspiration: Rachel Carson

The roots of our mission and our level of dedication to bringing you the cleanest, purest food sources can ultimately be traced to Rachel Carson: the mother of our modern environmental movement.

A fascinating person who first rang the warning bells about increased use of pesticides and chemicals, Ms. Carson had a unique combination of scientific training and writing skills, and she is now credited with essentially founding what we now know as the environmental movement.

Learn more about Rachel Carson »

The Good Earth Story

Enjoy this 23-minute telling of the origins and journey of Good Earth since our beginnings around the corner in Fairfax in 1969.


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