Proudly serving Marin County since 1969

We were founded over 50 years ago with a dream of offering our community the highest quality organic food that we could find. From our early days on 123 Bolinas Road to today, we’ve remained committed to advocating for a healthier and more sustainable food system.

Never content to simply accept the status quo, we have always pushed the envelope and tried to encourage food growers and manufacturers to produce food of a higher quality. We believe that food is sacred, and that organic food is a critical ingredient in the healing of our bodies and the planet.

USDA Organic Certification offers the most transparent and trackable framework to help us monitor how our food is grown and processed, and we hold it as our fundamental quality standard because of the protections it provides for both people and planet. All of our buyers are tasked with seeking out the best organic products available while working with suppliers to communicate and educate around the importance of organic within our food system.

Throughout our stores, we offer foods grown and prepared using a minimum of processing and no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or food additives. If we cannot meet this ideal with a certain food item, we get as close as possible, and make as much noise as we can to change it for the better.

The food system accounts for roughly one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

What we eat and how it is produced can have a major impact on the environment.


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