Tabling Request Form


Please become familiar with our Tabling Policy and then submit the form below, one submission per store.

When looking for a response, please check your email’s junk folder before contacting us, particularly if you use Gmail.

We require one week notice for all tabling requests. No phone calls please.

  • Use of the space outside of Good Earth to interact with our customers is limited to non-profit organizations or for petitioning AND is subject to approval.
  • We do not allow the sale of any goods or services, or asking for donations even if it’s for a charity/non-profit.
  • Organizations must submit a Tabling Request Form at least ONE WEEK in advance. If approved, you will receive an email with Tabling Reservation Confirmation.
  • Tabling is restricted to one organization per day. Organizations are limited to table up to 3 days per week, only 5 days in any 30-day period, with a maximum of 15 days a year at each of our stores. We will not schedule more than 3 days of tabling for any given week, period.
  • Tabling is restricted to the Center Blvd entrance at our Fairfax store. Your table must be at least 10 ft from the door off to the side. Customers must have a clear unobstructed path in and out of our entrance. We ask that you remain seated at your table. We will provide the table and chairs.
  • Appropriate signage of your particular non-profit on the table is required. This will benefit our customers by allowing them to identify your organization from a short distance. (If you are a petitioner with multiple issues or agenda items, you will be required to use our sign that reads, “Petitioner Seeking Signatures.”)
  • We reserve reserves the right to revoke permission for tabling at any time, including while the organization is on premises, due to customer complaints or other issues.
  •  Please print out the confirmation email and bring it with you on the day of your tabling. When looking for a response, please check your email’s junk folder before recontacting us, particularly if you use Gmail.
  • If you are tabling at the Fairfax store, use the west end of our west parking lot (beyond Java Hut). Close parking is for unloading only!
  • Upon arriving at the store to table, go to our Customer Service Counter at our Fairfax store and check in with a member of our management team to receive your Good Earth Tabler’s Card. It will be on a lanyard which you should wear around your neck. Members of our management team use this to identify approved tablers. If a member of your tabling crew is not displaying this card, you may inadvertently be asked to leave.
  • If “No Show” we will remove your organization from future consideration.


One location per form please.



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