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AM Shifts, one weekend day required.

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Good Earth Fairfax is seeking a Part Time Meat Cutter.

Good Earth is committed to sourcing responsibly raised meat and sustainable seafood. This position is very focused on customer service with a lot of service counter work. We are seeking candidates who have good experience in meat cutting, knowledge of seafood, as well as experience or interest in sustainability and organic food production.


* Cutting meat; use of band saw and grinder
* Extensive customer service
* Prepping and cutting fish
* Stocking the case
* Cleaning
* Sharing knowledge of cooking meat, seafood and poultry
* Educating customers about our producers and food standards
* Constantly learning more about the product.


* At least one year experience in professional meat cutting, including band saw
* Superior knife skills
* Serve Safe Certified or strong Food Safety knowledge or experience
* Ability to cut, portion and handle Meat, Fish and Poultry
* Experience, or sincere interest, in working with local “grass fed” or certified organic meat and poultry, and sustainable seafood
* Team player and self motivated
* Comprehension of workplace sanitation protocol in a butchery setting
* Strong customer service skills
* Fluency in English required


For our Part-Time Employees, we offer:
* Profit Share Bonuses
* Paid Time Off
* 20% storewide discount, 50% discount on made to order Takeout food and drink
* 401k benefit

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