Our Quality Standards

At Good Earth, we monitor our industry closely to ensure that our standards reflect the best of what is currently available in our food system. As the food system evolves, so do we.

In recent years, market availability of Certified Organic products has greatly improved, and with each day, we are getting closer to our goal of offering only organic, non-gmo foods.


Good Earth is known for our 100% Certified Organic produce department. We favor small, local growers whenever possible, and we include the number of miles each piece of produce has traveled to reach us on all of our produce signage.

All of our prepared foods are made from scratch in the Good Earth Kitchen, and nearly all of our ingredients are certified organic, with limited exceptions for seafood and gluten free tortillas. We offer the largest selection of organic takeout in Marin, and feature a full-service Taqueria, Deli, and Wok Stir-Fry station, as well as housemade soups, salads, krauts, sushi, entrees, and more. We carry a number of vegan, oil-free, and wheat-free options, and several of our made-in-house offerings are sustainably packaged in reusable glass. We are careful about the hardware we use to prepare our food, so you won’t find a microwave or teflon pan in our Kitchen.

The Good Earth bakery features an array of organic artisan breads, pastries, cakes, cookies and pies. All of our baked goods are made in-house, from scratch, using Certified Organic ingredients. We only use filtered water, and offer a large selection of vegan and wheat-free choices.

In our cafe, you’ll find a wide range of organic espresso drinks and teas, as well as our award-winning, made-from-scratch chai. We offer a variety of healthful juices and smoothies, and we’ve carefully selected the ingredients in each of our drinks to maximize health benefits and promote wellness. All of our cafe offerings are made with Certified Organic ingredients. We’ve recently added some frozen treats to our Cafe menu including organic soft serve ice cream from Straus Family Creamery, and authentic italian gelato, made from organic ingredients, from Gio Gelati.

We prioritize organic items, and will only carry non-organic items if they serve a special dietary need, or if an organic option is not commercially available. We will not carry items at risk for GMOs, or if they contain the following ingredients: hydrogenated oil, non-organic refined white sugar, bleached flour, MSG, chemical food coloring or chemical preservatives.

Good Earth carries over three hundred wines from Certified Organic or Certified Biodynamic vineyards, and we will only bring in new wines if they are made with organic or biodynamic grapes. Our wine department features a carefully curated mix of both local and international wines, as well as a number of vegan, low sulfite, and no sulfite options. We prioritize locally produced craft beers, and we source organically as much as possible.

Redefining Grain

All of our bulk food offerings meet USDA Organic requirements. Several of our organic flours are milled in-house, and we freshly roast nuts in the Good Earth kitchen to offer in bulk. We encourage customers to use their own reusable containers in our bulk department, and we offer a 5 cent credit for every bag or container you bring from home.

All of the herbs available in our bulk herb department are organically grown or wildcrafted. Our extensive selection includes herbs for use in the preparation of both food and herbal remedies. We feature two local tea importers, and most of our tea is organic.

We aim to source options that support the long-term wellbeing of ocean habitats, while maintaining healthy fish populations. We only carry wild caught fish. We do carry oysters, mollusks, and clams that have been ocean farmed in their natural environment, as this type of aquaculture can be beneficial for the environment. We are committed to only selling seafood that is green (Best Choice) or yellow (Good Alternative) rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program. We do not carry red rated fish, as these are not sustainable choices. We include catch method on all of our seafood signage.

We carry chicken, turkey, beef, bison, lamb, and pork in our meat department. We do not sell meat raised with added hormones or antibiotics, and we refuse to sell feedlot beef. All of Good Earth’s meats are pastured-raised or free-range, and we prioritize grassfed options in our sourcing. Our poultry and beef is all Certified Organic, and we only carry non-organic pork if we encounter industry-wide issues in availability.

We’re passionate about artisan cheese, and are committed to sourcing as many Certified Organic options as we can for our full-service cheese case. In the last couple of years, we’ve dramatically increased the number of certified organic offerings in our cheese set. We are slowly removing non-organic offerings as new alternatives become available, and we are no longer bringing in new cheeses that are not made with organic milk. We feature a wide variety of local favorites alongside imported classics.

Our organic and transitional organic olive bar includes a number of farm-direct olives from California, as well as a few imported varieties. Our selections include both pasteurized and unpasteurized options. The antipasto bar, at our Fairfax location, features handmade cheese boxes and a rotating mix of treats from our Kitchen.

At Good Earth, we strive to source supplements that are GMO-free, and make use of natural botanical concentrates or food-based ingredients. We look for supplements with the least amount of fillers, excipients, and additives available.

We will not sell body care products that contain any of the “dirty dozen” chemicals. We look for products made using the most natural ingredients available, and we prioritize organic and Non-GMO Project Verified products.

We favor small, local growers in our floral department. Nearly all of the flowers we carry are grown in California, with only a small percentage coming from Oregon and Washington. We give priority to growers using organic production methods, and when organic is not available, we seek out Veriflora Certified options, an agricultural sustainability certification.

We look for the most responsibly crafted home goods available, and we carry a large selection of apparel, reusable containers, glassware, cookware, kitchen utensils, towels, candles, and more. We give preference to items made from organically produced raw materials, and we look for natural or recycled fabrics treated with low impact dyes.