Store Updates


Update 5/18/21: While we know that many are eager to see mask mandates lifted, we want to remind everybody that, for the time being, the California mask mandate is still in place. Masks are still required for staff and customers at Good Earth stores. We ask for your support in respecting this requirement.
As always, we are monitoring this situation closely, and will keep you updated if anything changes. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work through this together.

Outdoor Dining Update: Both stores are now offering limited outdoor dining.

At Good Earth, ensuring the safety of both our staff and customers is a top priority, and we are taking a number of steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our stores. Read on to learn more about how we are adapting our business to best serve the community.

Store Hours
Open Daily 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Reserved Shopping Hour
Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Reserved hour is for those who are 60+, pregnant, or immunocompromised.Online Ordering

Online Ordering
Online grocery ordering is live. Curbside pick up is available in both stores, and delivery is available in Fairfax, San Anselmo, Mill Valley, Sausalito, and more.

Face Coverings
We require face coverings for the nose and mouth for all staff, customers, and guests in our stores. These face coverings do not have to be hospital grade, but need to cover the nose and mouth. Home-sewn fabric coverings, bandanas, a “DIY” mask from an old t-shirt and neck gaiters are examples of acceptable face coverings.

Please Note: Masks that incorporate a one-way valve designed to facilitate easy exhaling (typically a raised plastic cylinder about the size of a quarter on the front or right side of the mask), permit droplet release from the mask, putting others nearby at risk. This style of mask is not in compliance with the Marin County Public Health Order, and we ask that you refrain from wearing them in our stores if possible, or cover the mask with a bandana or scarf.

To protect our staff and customers, we cannot let anybody inside the store without a mask. If you have a medical condition the prevents you from being able to wear a mask, we can provide a reasonable accommodation through our online shopping service. We will work with you to get a same-day slot, and can waive the $5 fulfillment fee for you.

To protect the health and safety of our staff and customers, we are unable to accept returned product inside of our stores. If you’ve received a product that doesn’t meet our usual quality standards, please stop by customer service, and a Good Earthling can help you with a refund or credit. We are still accepting returns of Straus bottles and Good Earth deposit items, such as mason jars, as these undergo a rigorous sanitation process. Please bring your Good Earth deposit items to the entrance of the store. We will re-evaluate this policy when the COVID-19 situation stabilizes.

Self-Serve Kitchen Offerings
Our Hot Bar, Salad Bar, and Soup Bar are currently closed. Our Chef’s Case, Sandwich Station, Taqueria, and Wok Bar are open. We’ve increased our grab and go offerings, and we’ve adapted other high-touch, self-serve areas of our food service departments like our Pastry Case, Pizza Station, and Cafe Coffee and Tea stations, so that product handling is limited to staff members only. We’ve also changed the way that we package our made-in-house bread so that no portion of the bread is exposed.

Additional Precautionary Measures:

  • We have door monitors scheduled everyday to help uphold our mask policy
  • We’ve placed sanitizer stations outside the entrance of both stores
  • In areas where lines may form (entrance, registers, etc), we have floor markings spaced 6 ft apart to help ensure proper social distancing
  • Our team sanitizes shopping carts and baskets after every use
  • We sanitize styluses at our payment portals after every use. We also accept Apple Pay
  • We’ve installed acrylic barriers at our checkstands, express registers, customer service desks, and cafe registers
  • All active and passive food sampling is currently suspended
  • We’ve increased cleaning efforts throughout our stores, with a focus on high-touch areas
  • We are currently prohibited from accepting most reusable items like coffee cups and containers from home in our stores. We are accepting reusable shopping bags, but we ask that customers bag their own groceries when using reusable bags. We cannot accept reusable produce and bulk bags at this time
  • We’ve instituted daily temperature checks and symptom screenings for every staff member at the start of every shift
  • We’re providing regular training and updates to staff around COVID-19 prevention and transmission, including the importance of social distancing and proper hand-washing
  • To help ensure social distancing, we’ve created alternative break areas

Staff COVID-19 Testing
For updates on staff testing, positive cases, and to learn more about our process if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, please click the button below.