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Organic Runs Deep at Good Earth

We believe that organic foods offer us the best opportunity to heal our bodies and the earth, so throughout Good Earth you will notice that we “Go Organic”. Organic foods are also the best way to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In all of our departments you’ll find that we come very close to meeting our goal of 100% organic, unprocessed, Non-GMO foods.

100% Organic Produce

You don’t even need to think about running into conventionally grown produce here.

We view organic as the basis for quality and safety. We favor small local growers for added nutrient density, sustainability and community. We aim to keep our customers well-fed and well-informed. All of Good Earth’s produce is labeled with origin and miles traveled. Our produce signs include the names of local farms providing the freshest organic fruits and vegetables seasonally.

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Organic Kitchen

We are known for our incredible, almost 100% organic, prepared food that’s always made from scratch in small batches right here in our kitchen. We offer: Organic Vegetarian Salad Bar, Organic Vegetarian Hot Food Bar, Hand-Tossed Pizza, Authentic Taqueria, Hot & Cold Sandwiches, Wok & Grill with Local Organic Vegetables & Meats, Natural Stews & Seafood Chowders, Rotisserie Roasted Organic Chicken, and Gourmet Deli goods. We have a huge Grab-n-Go selection with Fresh & Wild Sushi, Organic Soups, Juices, Shakes, Entrees, Side Dishes and much more.

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Rachel’s Organic Cafe

Named after Good Earth’s biggest inspiration Rachel Carson, author of 1962 book “Silent Spring” and mother of the environmental movement, our organic cafe serves a full espresso bar menu, organic smoothies, organic juices and organic ice cream by the scoop. Enjoy all that Rachel’s Organic Cafe has to offer complete with indoor and outdoor seating.

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Organic Bakery

Our artisan sourdough, stone-ground whole and ancient grain breads are handmade daily from scratch right here in our Fairfax store. Our state-of-the-art Italian oven infused our breads with moisture during baking. Don’t forget to try our delicious pastries, cakes and pies. We only use filtered water, and offer vegan and wheat-free choices.

Bulk Foods

Good Earth’s bulk offerings are over 95% organic and we have an enormous selection adjacent to our organic produce. Several of our organic flours are freshly milled here at Good Earth, and we freshly roast nuts in our own kitchen to offer in bulk.

Buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean you’re purchasing in large quantities. On the contrary, you can buy as little or as much as you’d like. Getting just the right amount keeps food fresh and reduces waste. Bulk is more affordable and uses less packaging. You will receive a 5¢ credit for every reusable container/bag you bring from home.

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Artisan Cheese

Good Earth offers a wide variety of fine artisan cheeses with an ever-changing seasonal selection, new additions, plus classic favorites. We support local farmstead producers with grass-fed herds making organic cheeses by hand in small batches. Our cheeses come from humanely cared for animals that are never given hormones.

Olive & Antipasto Bar

We always have an amazing selection of raw, organic olives grown in California. Our antipasto is made onsite in our Good Earth kitchen and our menu varies with availability, and seasonality.


Good Earth strives to source supplements that are GMO-free, and make use of natural botanical concentrates and/or food. We look for the least amount of fillers, excipients, and additives available. While we look to science for new and useful items we will only consider carrying the highest quality, most natural supplements with a proven track record.

Body Care

We choose body care products with the most natural ingredients available such as those made solely with botanical ingredients, organic and/or Non-GMO Project Verified whenever possible. We carefully review ingredients, and will not sell any of the “dirty dozen” chemicals.

Bulk Herbs & Teas

Our bulk herbs are grown 100% organically, and we carry both herbs for flavoring food and for the preparation of herbal remedies. We feature two local tea importers, and most of our tea is organic.


You’ll find items from our housewares department throughout the store including: reusable containers, glassware, cookware, kitchen utensils, organic cotton towels, candles, incense, and so much more. Good Earth has many wonderful locally produced greeting cards, plus great fair trade and green gifts.

Sustainable Seafood

Good Earth is committed to sustainable seafood. Sustainable seafood comes from sources that maintain long-term production without jeopardizing the ecosystem. Good Earth, together with our nonprofit partner FishWise, provides sustainability ratings through labeling seafood green, yellow or red.

We promote sustainable seafood and give overall recommendations for every type of seafood we carry. Our seafood signs include the catch method, location, and green or yellow rating. Good Earth does not sell red-coded seafood.

Responsibly Raised Meat

We offer Chicken,Turkey, Beef, Bison, Lamb, and Pork. All of Good Earth’s meats are pastured-raised or free-range. We favor small, local, certified organic producers. We offer organic and 100% grass-fed meat. We never sell meat raised with hormones or antibiotics, and refuse to sell feedlot grain-fed beef.

Fine Wine & Craft Beer

Good Earth has the single largest selection of organic and biodynamic wines in the Bay Area, many locally produced. We have rare and wonderful craft beers from innovative microbreweries to quench your thirst for beers with authenticity and quality ingredients.

Floral Department

We support local growers – the vast majority of our flowers and plants are California-grown, only a small percentage come from Oregon. If organic is not available, our flowers and plants are 100% Veriflora Certified, an agricultural sustainability certification. Veriflora requires producers to minimize use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers while integrating organic practices.

Grocery, Refrigerated & Frozen

We believe that foods should be as close to their whole unprocessed form as possible. You’ll find most of our products are unrefined or unprocessed. Due to the popularity of some products that are processed (principally grains and concentrated sweeteners) we do sell them as long as they pass our organic standard. The fact that they are organic means that they are only mechanically processed – not by chemical means.

All of the oils we sell are mechanically pressed and never hexane extracted. Unfortunately, there are some grey areas in products that contain oil as an ingredient. In the products we sell, if an item meets some special dietary needs (i.e., food allergies, gluten intolerance) we will tolerate these grey areas and continue to pressure the manufacturers to switch to cleaner alternatives. Our product standards include:

• No hydrogenated oil (no trans fats)
• No non-organic refined white sugar
• We do not sell bleached white flour because white flour is bleached with bromine
• Products containing monosodium glutamate (msg) will not be sold
• No chemical food coloring
• No chemical preservatives

Good Earth Labeling

Good Earth Labeling KeyWe see labeling as an extension of our high quality food and product standards.

Labeling on our shelf price tags identifies raw, whole grain, locally produced, contains refined sugar, vegan, gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and fair trade.

Raw foods are unheated or cooked to a temperature less than 118 degrees. Vegan foods contain no animal products, no honey. Whole grains – or foods made from whole grains – contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. Good Earth labels a product gluten free based on producers’ claim that their food is gluten free.

We also alert you to products that contain refined sugar. Good Earth labels foods that contain sugar, dextrose, fructose, maltodextrin, evaporated cane sugar, pure cane sugar, beet sugar, sucanat or turbinado. However, we do not label foods that have unrefined sugars: rapadura, honey, agave or maple sugar. We believe refined sugar should be avoided and that organic unprocessed foods offer the best option for maintaining your health, the health of your children as well as our planet’s.

Our labeling also helps promote foods and products that are produced locally. We label food and products of local producers and local businesses within a 100 mile radius of Good Earth. We are very happy to carry hundreds of items grown/raised/produced locally right here in Marin!

Lastly, we will label Non-GMO Project verified products. The Non GMO Project verified label appears on products that have undergone a rigorous program to make sure that GMOs have not accidentally contaminated our food.


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