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Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology is the next generation of Genetic Engineering. Synthetic DNA is being developed in laboratories to create novel proteins & other food products that never existed before, all without any health studies or review!
Trusting Organic Standards
Trusting Organic Standards
At Good Earth, we insist on from scratch, in-house production with the highest level of certified organic ingredients possible. It doesn’t make a difference - it makes all the difference!
Protecting Biodiversity with Heirloom & Non-GMO Seeds
Protecting Biodiversity with Heirloom & Non-GMO Seeds
People everywhere are beginning to recognize the crucial link between humanity, the food systems that sustain us, and the future of seeds. Heirloom seeds are central to the ideals of biodiversity, sustainability, and food security.

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Organic To The Core Since 1969

We are an independent local grocer, founded in 1969 here in Fairfax with the dream of offering the very best quality and most organic food that we could find.

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Good Earth Tam Valley
Tam Valley Community Room

Look for information and a calendar for our new Tam Valley Community Room in this space soon!

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