Wild West Ferments

May 1, 2019|
1 minute read

At the core of Wild West Ferments is a deep respect for the ancient art of fermentation. The West Marin company was founded by Maggie Levinger and Luke Regalbuto after a lengthy travel expedition through Romania, Ukraine, Ireland, and the Balkans. Throughout their journey, Levinger and Regalbuto explored old world methods of preserving and enhancing food. For thousands of years, fermentation has provided both a method of preserving foods for consumption during winter months and a means of digestive and immune support.

Inspired by this legacy, Maggie and Luke made it their mission to create a line of fermented foods with optimized nutrition, and throughout the production process, Wild West Ferments takes great care to prioritize the health of their customers and our planet.

From sauerkraut to curtido to beet kvass, all of Wild West’s products are carefully crafted using 100% organic produce, most of which is locally sourced from Central California. Levinger and Regalbuto believe in honoring the integrity of their ingredients and their process, so they ferment in small batches, using traditional ceramic crocks instead of the plastic widely used in today’s food industry. To achieve maximum nutrition and flavor, they opt for a much slower fermentation process than most, letting their sauerkrauts ferment for a minimum of six weeks. In an effort to reduce food waste, all of Wild West Ferments’ food scraps go to a local farmer, who use them to create compost for his crops.

Wild West Ferments continues to grow and thrive because of the encouragement and support of their local community. We are proud to carry a number of their products in our Refrigerated Foods department, including their probiotic tonics, kimchi, curtido, and Moroccan beets, as well as their entire line of sauerkraut.

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