For so many of us, roasted turkey plays a starring role in our holiday celebrations.

Selecting the perfect variety is key, and we’re here to help you navigate your choices. Pick up an order form in-store or order from the Holiday Items menu online at 

The Diestel family has been raising turkeys with pride and care for over 100 years. Diestel Ranch is family-owned and operated to this day, comprising 400 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills. We are carrying 3 of their turkey selections this year: 

Organic Turkeys

Turkeys arrive fresh

Our most popular option is the Diestel certified organic Turkey. These turkeys enjoy a vegetarian diet that is free of GMOs and loaded with vitamins and minerals. The feed is milled fresh daily on the farm, and is never pelletized. Diestel turkeys are also free from hormones, antibiotics, and growth stimulants. 

Non-GMO Project Verified Pasture-Raised Turkeys 

Turkeys arrive previously frozen

These turkeys were the first turkeys to obtain the highest GAP (Global Animal Partnership) rating of 5+. They are raised entirely on green, irrigated pastures in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Diestel uses a traditional style of farming, which involves replenishing the soil nutrients by raising diverse species on the land, including turkeys, chickens, goats, sheep and hogs. Diestel ensures that every bird is given a high quality vegetarian diet, raised on foraged feed and grains. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used.

Organic American Heirloom Turkeys

Turkeys arrive previously frozen

“Heirloom” or “Heritage” Turkeys are truly exceptional birds. These Auburn, Black, and American Bronze turkeys are rare breeds that have been around for hundreds of years. Like heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables, these turkeys have been bred and passed down from generation to generation. 

Heritage Turkeys are defined by criteria set by the Livestock Conservancy and the American Poultry Association. They must have a long productive lifespan and be genetically able to withstand their natural environment. Heritage turkeys must have a slower rate of growth, which gives them time to develop a strong skeletal structure and healthy organs before building muscle mass. Lastly, Heritage turkeys must be the result of naturally mating pairs, and not artificially inseminated. 

Diestel’s Heirloom Turkeys are certified organic and fed a vegetarian diet that’s free of GMOs, animal by-products, antibiotics, growth enhancers and hormones.