“Many people are concerned about climate change, but don’t know what to do,” says Fabrice Florin. “That’s why we started Green Change: to show you simple ways you can take action in your own life.” A multimedia artist based in Mill Valley, Florin founded this nonprofit group after making a number of life changes to address global warming. He bought an electric car, started biking more, stopped flying, and began eating a plant-rich diet. Through these changes, Fabrice was able to significantly reduce his carbon footprint in just 6 months and is now helping others do the same.

Green Change encourages community collaboration and promotes climate actions that each of us can take to lower our use of energy, transportation, food and other resources that contribute to climate change.

In just a few months, Green Change has inspired hundreds of Marin residents to make meaningful lifestyle changes, and join their climate action network.

To help more people take action, volunteers produce free events, videos and online guides, all available at GreenChange.net. “We want to help everyone make a green change in their life and feel great about it”, says Florin. “This is all about connecting with your neighbors to solve the climate crisis together. Go green with us!”

This fall, Good Earth is teaming up with Green Change to host a series of free meetups in the Good Earth Classroom, located in our Mill Valley location. Each free meetup features short talks by climate action experts, followed by group discussions. Visit our events page to learn more. We hope to see you there!

Climate Politics Meetup – 9/25, 6-8p

Would you like to fight climate change through political action? Do you want to know more about the Green New Deal, carbon pricing, or climate justice? To learn more, come meet green politicians, young activists and climate action advocates. 

Green Homes Meetup – 10/16, 6-8p

Would you like to improve your home, save money, and fight climate change? Do you want to know more about weatherizing your home, switching to LEDs and electric appliances, or preparing for wildfires? Come learn how to make your home greener, safer, and more efficient. 

Sustainable Food Meetup – 11/13, 6-8p

Did you know that you can fight climate change by eating sustainable food? Would you like to learn how to eat a plant-rich diet, reduce food waste, cook yummy dishes from local produce, and support organic farming? Discover new ways to eat sustainably!

To learn more, visit the Green Change website.